Rules of Dart – Learn to Throw Like a Pro With These Tips

Dart games have gain popularity across the globe in the previous century, and apart from Britain, it is now been loved by the people of every nation. Be it a professional bar tournament, or a friendly match at home with your buddies, you need to keep yourself updated with the tips and tricks to hit the mark every single time. The more you have information about the sport, the more is the pressure on the opponent!

Unlike other sports, it does not require you to invest your physical fitness in it; rather it calls for your focus, attention, grip, stability, and above all, calmness. I would better call it a mind game because all you need to rely upon is the mileage of your brain.

With that being said, let’s move towards the rules of darts. But before that, I would like to mention here some basic requirements that are to be fulfilled while playing every dart game.

So, let’s begin:

The Necessary Equipment:

Every sport has its essentials that set the environment for the match. Similarly, the dart game gets better when you make your surroundings according to the need of this sport. Instead, of calling them the ‘requirements’ it would be better to just say that these are the mandates or the equipment of this sport.

On that note, let’s catch sight of these pieces of equipment:


First and foremost, a dartboard is the actual piece of equipment that carries on with the sport. There is no point in having a dart tournament when you do not have a dartboard. Well, it does not make any sense.

Having said that, it is also important to know that there are several types of dartboards. The most common of them are made up of rubber, bristle, and plastic.


On number second, we have darts; the substantial weapon to hit the dartboard. Darts are of many types and you need to have quite a clear knowledge of your darts because they play quite a significant role in this sport.

Dart Case

It works as a sidekick to your dartboard equipment. The darts are placed inside the box in a way that they are exposed to less damage, and also holds the rest of darts and other stuff, while you snipe your target with the one in your hand.

Dart Sharpener

Lastly, what makes the sport to go in a flow is the efficiency of darts after you make several throws. Before every shot, the dart gets as good as new, by sharpening it with the dart sharpener. Make sure you have it in your dart kit.

And you are good to go!

Now, before we get to the technical rules of the game we better talk about some general rules that are necessary to follow.

So, here we go:

General Rules to Play Dart:

  1. There must be a dartboard and a set of darts.
  2. Two players are supposed to play at a time, and they are considered to be the two teams.
  3. Each participant throws 3 darts turn by turn.

The Technical Rules of Dart

Every sport in the world works under the standard set of rules, and so does dart. If you want to play darts like never before, then you need to have a better know-how of the rules of dart. The key to perfection is learning those rules.

With that being said, the technical rules of dart help learn the regulations in a tournament or a series of the professional game. Moreover, the different types of dart games have different types of specifications as well. So this technical part deals with all of this and answers all of your questions regarding the technicalities.

Starting with the first type of dart game i.e. 301/501:

Rules of Darts 301/501

Firstly, dart 301 or 501 is the game in which every participant has a score of 301 or 501 respectively, and he/she has to make it to zero.

Whoever gets the score at zero first, is the winner.

But, wait.

Both the participants have to make it to zero only, and not more than that. Because if any of the participants make a score that is more than the starting score (301 or 501 – depending on the game), then it makes him/her go back to the remaining score again.

Rules of Around the Clock Darts

The simplest and most common type of dart game is around the clock. It has its own set of rules.

Both the participants have to throw the darts three times, by following the step by step rule.

And the rule is that each participant starts from segment 1 on the board, continues up to 20, and ends up in the bull’s eye.

Rules of Cricket Darts

Here comes the most technical, yet enjoyable game of darts i.e. cricket. This comprises rules that are very difficult to learn at first, but later you become used to them.

The very first thing is to toss, that either from the two players, who are going to bat first. So, for the batsman, the compulsion is to make score 40; and if he succeeds in making more than 40, then the remaining numbers are added to that person’s score.

Apart from this, the bowler is supposed to take as many wickets as possible, but at least three wickets are a must. Two of the three required wickets must hit the bull’s eye, and one last should be at 25.

Lastly, after ten wickets, the roles are reversed, and the game continues in the same pattern.

And It’s a Wrap!

So, this was all about the discussion on the most prominent rules of dart, along with a detailed insight into how it works. You better get yourself prepared for the next match by learning the major rules.

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